AML and CFT Services

The prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing is now a major obligation for all businesses and non-profits. AlphaLAW can help you reduce your organisation's AML and CFT risks. Here is the list of our services.

AML and CFT Services

Let's take a deeper view at Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Services. The prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing is now a major obligation for all businesses and non-profits. Regulations in this area have become increasingly stringent and it can be a challenge to keep up with compliance requirements.

In many jurisdictions, intermediaries such as banks and professional firms, as well as financial and non-financial firms, have been placed under a duty to report potential instances of money laundering. The approach to the problem varies, but to meet their obligations in this regard, many firms have dedicated anti-money laundering (AML/CFT) staff and procedures in place.

AlphaLAW can help you reduce your organisation's AML, terrorist financing and sanctions risks and improve your ability to meet increased regulatory obligations with appropriate policies and controls, including robust Know Your Client (KYC) policies and procedures.

Our team members have extensive AML backgrounds and include Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) and experienced professionals who have worked in a variety of high risk AML/CFT environments.

Our Services

AML Structure Auditing | AlphaUMi
As the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Finance (CTF) regulatory environment experiences ever stricter scrutiny, your AML and CTF audit model and governance procedures will become subject to greater audit and regulatory interest.
Development of AML documentation according FIU regulatory requirements
Development of AML documentation according to FIU regulatory requirements is a process that should be carried out by professionals with a positive background of interaction with the financial inspection and other government agencies.
AML Services Outsourcing | AlphaUMi
The requirements for the authorisation, supervision, organisation and internal control of the conduct of financial institutions in accordance with the newly AML/CFT rules are constantly increasing.
AML/CFT Staff Trainnig | AlphaUMi
Anti-Money Laundering is constantly shifting and evolving. New software, changes in the legal and regulatory framework, new money laundering and terrorist financing techniques, and changes in the business as a whole can be extremely difficult to keep up with.
Complex AML Advisory Services (Subscription) | AlphaUMi
AlphaUMi provides ongoing advisory services on demand. With our monthly AML/CTF advisory subscription you can access a dedicated AML/CTF specialist who will help you navigate the regulatory requirements and provide you with an appropriate action plan for implementing your AML/CTF Program.