AML Services Outsourcing

The requirements for the authorisation, supervision, organisation and internal control of the conduct of financial institutions in accordance with the newly AML/CFT rules are constantly increasing.

AML Services Outsourcing

Previously unregulated independent financial institutions are now subject to supervision under various financial market laws including AML/CFT. Appropriate corporate AML/CFT rules and business organisation are required to ensure that the financial institution fulfils its legal obligations.

Financial institutions must have an appropriately equipped AML/CFT risk management system and effective internal controls that, among other things, ensure compliance with legal and internal regulations.
What is Money Laundering
Probably first used during Watergate Scandal in 1973, Money Laundering has negative business, economic, and social consequences. So, let’s take a look, what the Money Laundering actually is

Compliance AML/CFT Officer Services

In today's dynamic business environment, many companies, both small and large, outsource various functions in their organisation. Outsourcing AML/CFT frees up existing staff so they can take on other functions, it provides access to skilled expertise, and it also reduces payroll and other overhead costs.

Outsourced AML/CFT compliance officer services can be designed depending on your company's needs. We can perform all of the day-to-day internal compliance functions such as file reviews, record maintenance, transaction and employee monitoring, report preparation, and filing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), to name a few.

Our qualified staff can assist you as needed and perform this function for you.