Development of AML documentation according to FIU regulatory requirements

Development of AML documentation according to FIU regulatory requirements is a process that should be carried out by professionals with a positive background of interaction with the financial inspection and other government agencies.

Development of AML documentation according to FIU regulatory requirements

AlphaUMi's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions Consulting practice will help your organization reduce its money laundering and terrorist financing risks and improve its ability to meet regulatory expectations for sound programs and controls.

With deep experience and a global network of financial institution compliance officers, IT specialists, economists/statisticians, bankers and industry specialists, we understand the risks and complexities our clients face and provide a service that helps them respond.

Support in the preparation of Compliance Departments for companies

Now more than ever, the compliance function has become an extremely important component of financial and non-financial institutions. The cost of compliance far outweighs the cost associated with non-compliance. A competent compliance department is paramount to maintaining a company's integrity and reputation.

A compliance department that is effective and efficient must be properly structured. Some of the necessary elements of the department are proper staffing (you must hire competent people), there must be monitoring systems in place, there must be effective lines of communication, the department must have systems in place to create and maintain records, senior compliance staff must provide effective training, and the department must enforce standards through well-publicised disciplinary policies.

What is Money Laundering
Probably first used during Watergate Scandal in 1973, Money Laundering has negative business, economic, and social consequences. So, let’s take a look, what the Money Laundering actually is

AML/CFT Policy and Procedure Manuals

The Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism policy and procedure manual is a critical pillar of a Anti-Money Laundering Program. This manual is required by law in almost all jurisdictions and equips companies and their employees with very pertinent information. The manual provides written compliance standards, procedures, and practices that guide the company and its employees on a day-to-day basis. The manual covers areas such as a code of conduct with basic principles, customer due diligence (CDD), risk assessment, values and framework for action within the company, general company policies and procedures, and information on various laws and regulations. This manual must fit into the company's operations and be built on a risk-based approach.

We help organisations create new and rebalance bloated programs, reduce expenses, and roadmap people, processes, and technology while remaining agile and learning.

Strategy services include

  • Helping organisations create Compliance Departments
  • Development of AML/CFT policies and Procedure Manual