About Us

AlphaLAW is a fintech service advisory group from Estonia 🇪🇪 whose clients include funds and fund managers, fintech start-ups, crypto companies, and payment and e-money institutions.

About Us

Who we are

AlphaLAW is a fintech service advisory group. Our team of experts provides unique and tailored solutions to financial institutions in Estonia and the European Union in licensing, regulatory compliance, risk management, internal audit, regulatory technology, executive training, and innovation consulting.

With extensive compliance experience supporting local and international financial services institutions, ongoing interaction with regulators, a multi-disciplinary and diverse team of professionals, a global network of associates, and a wealth of resources, our international team can efficiently and effectively support each client's regulatory needs.

Our team in Tallinn

Makhmud Efendi - AlphaLAW - Fintech Services Advisory Group in Estonia
Makhmud specialises in business management, online financial services, detection and prevention of fraud transactions, AML and KYC procedures related to card transactions and payment accounts.
Svetlana Kotka - AlphaLAW - Fintech Services Advisory Group in Estonia
Svetlana is a partner of AlphaLaw. Her main areas of practice is general commercial litigation, Corporate & Commercial Law, Investments, Banking & Finance, Intellectual Property Law and Trademarks.
Ilya Alkhimov - AlphaLAW - Fintech Services Advisory Group in Estonia
Ilya has more than 15 years of experience in finance, credit, equity and derivatives trading, algorithmic, banking and stock market software development.

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