How Should Management Approach Communication of Information?

Management is responsible for the organisation’s information and information systems and for communications within and outside the organisation. This article explains how should management approach communication of information.

How Should Management Approach Communication of Information?


Management needs to communicate both internally within the GP and externally with LPs, advisers and other stakeholders.

For example, management will inform GP employees about strategy and expected performance and will give LPs and, as relevant, other stakeholders trading updates and other information.

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Internal and external communications should be:

  • based on accurate information and honest interpretation;
  • clear, unambiguous and suitable for the target audience;
  • delivered in a timely manner.

Members should contribute such data about themselves and their portfolio companies as may be requested by Invest Europe from time to time and which is to be used on an aggregated and anonymous basis.

It is good practice to nominate a member of management to take overall responsibility for the GP’s public relations strategy.