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Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is the best solution for making collective venture capital investments and organising investor funds in stocks, bonds, commodity indices, derivatives, currencies, cryptocurrencies, real estate and other financial assets.

Management Companies & Funds Support

Investment Funds Support

Following the adoption of the Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) Act, as amended, Estonia has become one of the most cost-efficient and advantageous jurisdictions for the establishment of investment funds, offering great opportunities for fund managers to structure and grow their business in Europe and beyond.

Investment Funds Act – Riigi Teataja

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

AIF is the most contemporary and convenient structure for collective investment, in which investors’ assets are attracted for the purpose of their further use and placement in their interests in accordance with a predetermined investment policy under the guidance of the company that managed the fund. It is possible to invest in the fund in cryptocurrency.

Regulatory authority: Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)
Regulatory legal act: Investment Funds Act
Time period for consideration of a petition: up to 60 days


AlphaUMi team is ready to assist you with all issues related to obtaining an investment fund license, as well as setting up and maintaining operational development.

Our services related to investment funds include but are not limited to:

Administrative Services

  • Providing ongoing administrative services: We offer a cost effective fund administration package to ensure full coverage of your fund administration needs, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Handling fund correspondence;
  • Processing of subscriptions;
  • Processing redemptions and withdrawals;
  • Calculating net asset values;
  • Maintaining books and records;
  • Disbursing payments;
  • Establishing and administering accounts on behalf of the Fund and all other matters customarily performed for the administration of a Fund.

Regulatory Support and Audit Reporting Services

  • Annual External Audit Services: We provide services in relation to the audit of statutory accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Annual Internal Audit Services: We provide full internal audit services in accordance with the requirements of local and European legislation;
  • Ongoing Compliance and Regulatory Reporting Support: We offer a comprehensive Compliance Support Services by a qualified team of legal experts and professionals;
  • Full legal support and advice;
  • Regulatory Training.