What Can a GP Expect From an LP Regarding Risk Management?

What Can a GP Expect From an LP Regarding Risk Management?


A GP can expect extensive due diligence on its risk management and processes to be conducted by the LPs. The following points could be assessed:

  • Has the GP established a risk management function?
  • How is risk management organized at the GP?
  • Does the GP have an ESG policy?
  • Is the GP’s team structure sustainable and is there a key man risk clause in the LPA?
  • Does the LPA contain a limit on concentration risk?
  • Are political, regulatory, country, tax risks considered in the LPA?
  • Have all conflicts of interests been considered and identified and properly addressed in the LPA?

Furthermore, a Limited Partner should assess and measure its own private equity portfolio risks, which includes:

  • Investment risks (e.g. expected return scenarios, FX, alignment, risk/return profile, etc.);
  • Funding and liquidity risk;
  • Market risk;
  • Capital risk.
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Management should be open to facilitate the assessments by LPs in an open and constructive manner in the due diligence process and throughout the monitoring of the investments by LPs.