Procedure of the General Meeting

Procedure of the General Meeting. This article from Corporate Governance Recommendations prepared on the basis of Estonian legislation, structure of shareholders of Issuers acting in Estonia and taking into account the main problems that arise in company management.

Procedure of the General Meeting
These Corporate Governance Recommendations are to be carried out primarily by companies whose shares have been admitted to trading on a regulated market operating in Estonia (“Issuers), except for investment funds registered as public limited companies.

Other companies may also choose to comply with these Corporate Governance Recommendations and shareholders and partners of such companies are encouraged to follow these principles upon organizing their management and management control of the company.

Clause 1

The Chair of the General Meeting shall ensure that the General Meeting is conducted in a smooth manner, i.e. swift while considering the interests of all interested parties. The General Meeting shall be conducted in the Estonian language.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board and members of the Management Board cannot be elected as Chair of the General Meeting.

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Clause 2

Members of the Management Board, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and if possible, the members of the Supervisory Board and at least one of the auditors shall participate in the General Meeting.

Supervisory Board member candidates who have not formerly been a Supervisory Board member and candidates for auditor shall participate in the General Meeting.

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Clause 3

Issuers shall make participation in the General Meeting possible by means of communication equipment (Internet) if the technical equipment is available and where doing so is not too cost prohibitive for the Issuer.

Profit distribution shall be considered in General Meeting as a separate agenda item and a separate resolution shall be passed regarding it.