Management’s Responsibilities in Relation to Information

Management is responsible for the organisation’s information and information systems and for communications within and outside the organisation. This article is about management’s responsibilities in relation to Information.

Management’s Responsibilities in Relation to Information


Effective management by the GP depends on the ability of individuals to make well-informed decisions. The accuracy, timeliness and relevance of information on which to base decisions is therefore of paramount importance.

Businesses generate large amounts of information: about customers and markets; historic, current and future financial and non-financial performance; profitability, efficiency and effectiveness; and about risk and the management of risk. One of the key roles of the GP’s executives is the assimilation of the data and management information being generated at a portfolio company level. Analysis and assessment of this information is critical to gaining a clear insight into the portfolio company and as a result ensuring the most effective management of the portfolio company at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

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Over the time, any asset manager who does more than plan to manage own assets faces the problem of a transparent and convenient management infrastructure.


Management should ensure that the organisation’s information is:

  • accurately compiled;
  • clear and unambiguous;
  • kept secure and confidential;
  • available in a timely and appropriate format and manner.