Estonian Company Registration

Registering Company in Estonia, Requirements & Benefits, Types and Forms of Estonian Companies OÜ, FIE, AS, UÜ, LP, Reporting Forms, Fees for Corporate Services.

Estonian Company Registration

In order to Register a Company in Estonia it is necessary

  1. Choose a company name
  2. Send us contact details by Email, WhatsApp or Telegram
  3. Send a notarized power of attorney to our address or come to Tallinn (Estonia).

Company Requirements & Benefits

  • One person can be the owner of a company
  • A company can be opened by a foreign citizen or legal entity
  • The company is headed by a board member
  • There are no requirements for the payment of wages
  • There are no requirements for the presence of employees
  • Income tax in Estonia - 0%
Opening a company in Estonia allows you to conduct business anywhere in the world. Modern technologies and achievements in the field of electronic government in Estonia allow you to manage the company remotely. A loyal system of taxation and document management allows the owners of the company to focus entirely on business tasks, minimizing bureaucratic management procedures.
10 Simple Steps to Open Company in Estonia | AlphaLAW
The process of opening a company in Estonia is quite simple and straightforward. In this article, we have tried to outline the main steps (10 simple steps) that you need to follow to open a company in Estonia.

By Registering Company in Estonia you can

  • Buy a car for the company
  • Get a business visa to Estonia or a residence permit
  • Enjoy the benefits of internet banking in a respected European jurisdiction
  • Obtain European VAT number, EORI, tax residence certificate
  • Open a business account with Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Wise, Revolut
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Types (Forms) of Companies in Estonia

Private Limited Company (OÜ, Osaühing)

The most popular form of company in Estonia is a Private Limited Company (OÜ, Osaühing) (analogous to a Limited Liability Company). A Private Limited Company can be established by one person, who can also be a member of the board. There may be several owners, and legal entities may also be included in the founders and in the list of owners. – a company in Estonia can be owned and operated by a foreigner. A convenient system of remote company management makes it possible to do business from anywhere in the world. The company can open a bank account both in Estonia and in any other country. All the necessary numbers - VAT, EORI, can be issued for the company, which is important when conducting trading activities.

The company is liable for its obligations in the amount of its capital. The owners are not liable for the company's debts. At the same time, the authorized capital (at least €2500) can be paid later. However, it cannot be paid from the company's profits, and the owners cannot distribute dividends before it is paid.

Sole Proprietor (FIE, Füüsilisest Isikust Ettevõtja)

In Estonia, you can also register the form of Sole Proprietor (FIE, Füüsilisest Isikust Ettevõtja) - an entrepreneur, an individual (analogue of an individual entrepreneur). Registration of such a form is easier than registration of a Private Limited Company (less state duty, less requirements for constituent documents, there is no need to contribute authorized capital). However, an individual entrepreneur is immediately obliged to make advance payments for social tax, regardless of whether he is operating or not, whether he received income or not. In the case when a company is registered by a non-resident of Estonia, there are no such obligations in a Private Limited Company, the need to pay tax arises only upon receipt of an economic result and its distribution either as a salary or as dividends.

A Sole Proprietor (FIE in Estonian) is a form of business that is best suited to those who are going into business alone or with their family.

The advantages of Sole Proprietor (FIE, Füüsilisest Isikust Ettevõtja):

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Registration is simple
  • Sole proprietors are not required to have articles of association

Public Limited Company (AS, Aktsiaselts)

In the case of organizing a large diversified business, you can choose the form of a legal entity - a Public Limited Company. It is necessary to deposit the authorized capital of at least €25,000.00, while the shareholders are personally liable for the obligations of the joint stock company, the supreme governing body is the general meeting of shareholders. The company must have a council of at least 3 people and board members. The Public Limited Company (AS, Aktsiaselts) is obliged to undergo an annual audit.

Limited Partnership (UÜ)

This business structure resembles a Partnership in England or Scotland (LP, LLP). The amount of the contribution is negotiated by the parties, at least two partners are required, one of which will be personally liable for the company's obligations.

Reporting Forms

The first and most important question that owners face after registering company in Estonia is what reports must be submitted and when. While the company does not have a VAT number or employees, an annual report appears from the mandatory reports of the company in Estonia. However, this does not mean that there are no accounting requirements in Estonia. A member of the board must keep accounting on a daily basis, he can hire specialists, or carry it out on his own. It should be noted that in Estonia, as in any other country, there are nuances of accounting that must be taken into account, therefore, when starting an activity, it is advisable to consult a professional accountant.

After the company has a VAT number or employees, it is necessary to submit reports to the Estonian Tax Department twice a month.

Corporate Services in Estonia (Fees)

Description Fee From
Estonian Company Registration €600
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) obtaining €200
EORI number obtaining €200
VAT number obtaining €300
Real legal address in Estonia (for 1 year) €250
Contact person for Estonian company (for 1 year) €250
Virtual office address in Estonia (mail forwarding and delivering) €250